Barbara Wright Tributes

This is a compilation of email messages that were sent from team members and friends following Barbara's passing.
Kelly Wright -
As many of you may already know my mother passed on
Wednesday, March 21st the first day of Spring. She was
brave and fought a long hard battle. She is now at
peace, she is now with my dad. I wanted to let all of
you know we will be holding a memorial service on
Sunday, April 22, at 4:30p.m. at Orange Coast College
in the new athletic facility. I will keep you updated
but I would also like to set up a scholarship fund in
her honor for those who would like to donate.
Emmett Rahl -
Every once in a while I got to walk/jog with Barbara
at the track, mostly when I was recovering from a
marathon.  I occasionally asked her advice about doing
triathlons, as I knew she taught a class at OCC (or
another local college).  She was always exciting to
talk to, even in last months when she her health
wasn't the greatest.  She will be missed.
Gallena Quinalty -
It is a sad day to hear about Barbara's passing. I'll
always remember her courageous fight against her
illness, she fought like a true champion until the
very end. Perhaps we can find some solace to know that
 she and George are once again reunited in heaven.
Michael Hayden -
Thank you for the posting on Barbara! I never met
her before but the way you were describing she seem
like a really nice person.
Alice DeLeon -
"Only one life that soon is past, only what's done with love will last".  Barbara did so much to earn the love of so many.  Her attitude was always cheerful and bright, even when enduring the treatments for brain tumors.  I'll never forget that she was planning to hike Kilamanjaro and was so excited about it.  Unfortunately that never came to pass.  The good thing about this is that if there is a Heaven, then Barb and George are now together again



Jim and Kathy Eimen -
Jim and I were very saddened when we read of Barbara's passing; she fought a brave and courageous battle. 
We got to know Barbara (and George through Barbara) better over the past several years when Jim and I started running with Barbara.  During those runs, Barbara would tell us stories about her family -- her early years with George, her children and her latest running endeavors.  During one of our last runs with Barbara at Signal Hill she shared her stories about her daughter's upcoming wedding.  Also during another run during that same summer, we talked about George's ambition to do another Ironman in Hawaii and his plan to get there.  We remember Barbara talking about training for a 1/2 Marathon so she could run the same race that George was using to qualify for the Ironman.
This is a very sad time for TRH; one of our family has left us.  But there is solace in knowing that Barbara is again with George.
Isadora Johnson -
 Barbara was my competitive friend for over 30 years, in so many races, triathlons, marathons, etc. and once she got on the bike with that bright smile, it was good-by for me because she was so strong at cycling and so many sports! Barbara was very close to my age ,so, saying good-by to her is more than just terribly Sad ,but, a Timely Reminder that life is so fragile and that if A Superwoman such as Barbara can die so young ,then, we are all so vulnerable. From my perspective, we really Don't Die, but, rather live on through all our energies, and meaningful exchanges with those whose lives were somehow touched through that experience. Barbara & George were such an so exceptional couple that their Bright Light and Spirit will never die for those who had the pleasure to know them and to love them. Our hearts are with them in the big Marathon in the sky.    


Judith Fischer -
Kudos to Amy Fillipow for her eloquent and heartfelt tribute, both in words and video, to Barbara at the memorial service. Amy is getting to be such a pro putting together these memorial events, but I hope she doesn't have to prepare another for a long, long time.
Alison Smith -
As Barbara’s former O.C.C. gymnastics Manager; I really got to know Barbara very well. She was one of the best coaches at O.C.C., her technique of coaching was like no other. She very rarely “yelled” at the girls. She was very calm and to the point and the girls on the teams found her a hard task master but without the ridicule. If they found a task difficult to master; Barbara had the gift of “Patience”.  She would work with the girls on the task until they felt comfortable doing it.

As her Manager, I found her extremely easy to work with; she was always very upbeat at practices and at meets. If we were getting behind in points, she would gather the team and explain to the girls that if they each believed that they could do their tasks more for themselves as an individual; the results would be higher. Her philosophy was that you “must do the best job for yourself (meaning: Your focus, your drive, your motivation, and putting your whole heart into the job at hand; the results will follow).  “ While I was Manager, our team became the South Coast Community College Champions.

Barbara’s love of skiing was so contagious that she manage to get O.C.C. to take the backside of the football bleachers and make a “learn –to-ski” hill, and got the school to place outdoor carpeting on the hill; purchase skis, boots, poles and many students including myself gained better technique to apply to real skiing. Barbara and her family got me so hooked, that I went on three Canadian ski trips. Between Barbara, George, and their children Kelly and Mike; my skiing progressed to a mid-intermediate. On one of these trips, Kelly and Mike asked their parents if they could go on a certain run known as a ski-out. It was probably close to two or three miles in length. Barbara and George said yes, but they had to take one of us college students, since they liked me and knew me pretty well from babysitting them, they asked me to go with them. Knowing that these two have skied before even being born (Barbara was known to ski while pregnant), and taught both kids to ski at early ages with help from George. I knew that this was going to be a big workout for me. Mike and Kelly guided me like two professional ski Instructors, they had the exact gift that both Barbara and George brought them up with, the love of skiing, the patience, the motivation to overcome obstacles (areas that look like no person with ski’s should cross). They got me down that long, long ski run with only two or three falls.

The world has lost two wonderful individuals; who though their gifts have given so much to the rest of us. They will be missed and never forgotten.

 To Kelly and Mike; if you should read this, my heart goes out to the two of you. I’m just thrilled that I got to know your parents and the two of you



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