Dan Kelly Tributes

This is a compilation of email messages that were sent from team members and friends following Dan's passing.

Jeff Tribole -

Hearing about Dan and the sad news, it hit hard to many of us. I would like
to share some of my thoughts about Dan with club members: Maybe others can do
the same....

Dan was one of the good guys and will be missed by all. Always giving of
himself to help, Dan was involved with sponsoring runners from Long Beach Poly,
worked the Millikan cross country and track meets, as well as recently working
with the Special Olympic kids on Tuesday nights.

It was not uncommon that Dan would stop by the Runners High to purchase a
pair of shoes for a high school runner or two that could not afford them. Dan
would just smile, say he was just doing it because it was a good kid, and never
mention what he did to anyone else. It was one of many ways that Dan gave of

Dan was involved with many members of TRH. He was always willing to help by
giving advice, running with new runners, making them feel welcome, and pacing
or working aid stations for the ultra groups. He set up many weekend trail
runs that soon evolved into a special running group of close friends. Dan was
also involved with the local high school runners and coaches giving of his time
and anything else they asked of him. A real main stay in the running
community is now gone.

For those that got to know Dan, we found he was a very caring individual. He
took great pride in taking care of his pets and would adopt an injured bird
or dog that was in need of a home. When he would lose one to age, it was
losing a family member to Dan. He loved animals and took great pride in each and
every one. He would even miss a race or run if one of his animals was sick or
injured. Not too many runners would do that!

Dan was one of the hardest working runners I have ever had the pleasure to
know. Sometimes, he would do three workouts a day to prepare for a trail run or
HTC. While training, he knew every distance to the inch on each course he
ran. He would know his pace and speed when running to and from work. If he had
a great run, he would overflow with enthusiasm by telling how far and fast he
went, what his splits were, what his pace was, and if it was a PR or not.
If it was a not so great run, he would go out and run again just to have a good

As enthusiastic as he was for his runs, he was even more enthusiastic for the
runners he knew. Tuesday night track workouts, he would come out and shout
encouragement and advice to team members or run with them. At high school
track or cross country meets, you could hear or see Dan giving encouragement to
the runners. Dan would travel to races out of the area to support the runners
he knew.

Dan would run the Saddelback trails by himself and share stories of
rattlesnakes and Mt. lions he crossed paths with. And I would enjoy each of his tales
because of his enthusiasm when he told the story.

Not only have we lost a teammate, we have all lost a special person and

He was one of the good guys!

Gallena Quinalty -

Indeed it is a big shock to all of us about Dan
Kelly's sudden passing. I remember the first day I
came to the track work out 3 years ago, I didn't know
anyone, Dan was one of the few people who I
remembered that talked to me and made me feel
comfortable to joint the club. Watched him helping the
Special Olympics kids at the track work out,and always
volunteer at our club's events, you just know that he
had a kind heart. I know I'll miss his presence at our
track work out immensely.


David Gofoth -

This is unbelievable, I just talked to him on Tuesday night, he was asking me how my blood clot problems were? I am in complete shock!!

Of all people................


Mark Goldsmith -

I am truly shocked by this news. Dan always ate so good and was a great runner. It is so hard to believe that this could have happened to him. My condolence goes out to his family at this very sad time. He will surely be missed by all of us.


Mitsuye Morrissey -

Very sad news -- I just heard that Dan Kelly had a heart attack and passed away. This is so unbelievable and frightening.


John Armour -

What a shocker on hearing of Dan’s death.


Ilsebill Wolfe -

I'm so sorry to read the sad news about Dan Kelly. He always had a kind
word for me and a smile on his face when we met. It didn't matter whether
he talked about running or his beloved pets he was full of enthusiasm and
life. He'll surely be missed.


Alice DeLeon -

Thank you so much for letting us know. I just saw him last Tuesday.


Steve White -

Shock is understatement, Dan was such an inspirational man that I thought would live forever. I am stunned, shocked, and disbelief about his passing!

This was a man that gave so... much and expected so.. little. Besides being a friend, he was a silent giver to so many.

Dan, I, my family, and all others close to you, love you and wish you the best as you watch over me and all of the ones you loved so much!!!!

Only the best to the man that cared about others!!!! We will do our best to make you PROUD!


Paul Kaplan -

I'm freekin' stunned.


Mike Lynn -

I heard about Dan at work today, and was shocked and
saddened as well. Dan was the team member who started me
running in 1998 after speaking to him at the old Carson
store. He and I ran together through Heartwell Park many
late afternoons, and, as you surely know, he was about the
nicest guy you could want to know. We regularly talk at
high school track meets, where he volunteered his help.

No way to make sense of this one. I'd really like to be
kept in touch regarding any services for Dan.


Debbie Morrow -

...sad and shocking indeed!


Mike Morris -

I have been trying to come to terms with my thoughts about Dan's death. Dan was such an inspiration to all of us. His absence will leave a very big hole in our community. He was truly a good friend and more. Whenever anyone was in need, Dan was there. Most times you didn't even ask - he just knew.

I know he will be with us on our runs continuing to give us support and badgering us if we fall behind.... He was my conscience that kept me going when I wanted to drop.

He will always be in my thoughts.


Emma Gonzales -

I also want to convey my sorrow to the family of Dan Kelly. Being a fairly new runner, I can't same that I have had much contact with him. However, after reading all the great things that the other runners had to say about him, it is my loss to have never known him personally.


Kathy Eimen -

I am in total shock. Like everyone else on Tuesday night, we spoke to him as we walked around the track, and both Jim and I commented on his commitment to the special olympians. He was a special person, with a ready smile, and he will be deeply missed.


Yukie Mochida -

I still can't believe that I can't see his skinny shoulder, ponytail and big smile any more!


Anne-Marie & Roy Sharp -

My drive home from work was one of Dan's usual running routes. When Dan was still recovering from knee surgery, I would often see him walking his dog along Carson street through Heartwell Park. I would honk and we exchanged waves and smiles.

About a month ago, Michele and I saw him as we were running in the opposite direction. We stopped, caught up and exchanged smiles. I was telling Dan how nice it was to see him running again. Unfortunately, I didn't see Dan again. Roy just talked to him on Tuesday. We will forever remember Dan's grand smile, kindness, and him always saying to Michele and I "Hello girls!" or "Where's your sister?" You will be missed!!!!!


Brian Conboy -

I am quite in shock about Dan's passing. When Dan told me what kind of races he ran and what a long run meant to him, I was awestruck. With that kind of endurance, I thought it was quite possible he would outlive me.

I really got to know Dan when I started attending the Sunday trail runs in the wee hours of the morning. He would always volunteer to drive us in his van. And no matter how many times I offered him gas money, he just declined it and told me it was his pleasure to drive. I don't believe there ever was a time when I was around him that he was ever short of words. He always pleasantly had a story to tell. And I am the richer man for having listened.

Last Friday when I was driving to the gym, I got to the corner of Bellflower and Carson and saw Dan running in the park. I wanted to honk my horn or at least say hi, but I couldn't get over fast enough. I just thought, well, I'll see him again soon. Unfortunately, this will not be the case. But a quite fitting moment, now that I sit here and think about it, was that last day I saw Dan he was running in the park heading into the oncoming sunset.

Dan Kelly, wherever you are, I am a better person for having known you.


Ron Byrum -

As the shock and disbelief has enveloped me the past
few days, it has been hard to come to terms with Dan
passing. What has helped me is remembering some of
the things that I have shared with him. I have been
one of the fortunate people that got to share the
Sunday morning trail runs with him.

He was the constant that you knew was going to be
there. In fact, you would hear him before you would
see him. It was guaranteed that he would pull into the
parking lot right at 6am with tires squealing.

He would also volunteer to drive on Sunday mornings
and many times that was more of an endurance event
than the run itself. I remember one time Mike
Fillipow sat on the front passenger side and had to
move his arm to keep it from getting hit by a bush as
Dan was driving down the windy road at Chantry Flats.

There are many stories that come to mind but one of
the best is when we were training for the Catalina
Marathon one year. We met on a Sunday morning for a
long run and it was pouring rain. As we were deciding
where to go that day, Dan said "Don't worry! This is
just a cell.. the rain will pass". Needless to say,
he was wrong. It rained for the entire 3-hour run.

The last story that I want to share is from the Avalon
50 mile run in 2001. Dan said he would pace me from
Pumphouse Hill to the finish (which is the last 5
miles). On race day, when I got to that point I was
not moving very fast. However, as always, Dan was
there with encouragement and inspiration. He stayed
with me for about a half a mile until I was passed by
a young female runner. Dan said "You're looking good!
Keep going!" as he surged to catch up with this other
runner, leaving me to complete the race on my own.
In his defense, he did come back and offer to carry my
water bottle belt..... the last 400 yards.


Randy Smith -

Unbelievable! Even though I haven't been active with the club for some time I recall running with Dan a few times. He will I'm sure be missed.


Steve Murphy -

I think everyone has some special thoughts about Dan and they are right on about his kindness, to everyone and especially his animals.

I had know Dan since Junior High, after that we went our separate ways he went to Lakewood and I to Millikan. I met up with Dan again in my 40's when I went to a track work out with Jeff. I can mirror many of the same thought others have expressed. He was always the inspiration to you during a workout. My fondest memories are the Hill work outs at Signal Hill in Long Beach going up the back side it seemed I couldn't ever make it up without stopping. Dan would always be there to encourage me and say just make it to the next tree or pole, and finally I was running to whole loop without stopping.

I also have fond memories of all the Hood to Coast runs we did and the parties after, even after a 196 mile race Dan wanted to organize everyone to go down to the beach and party, Oh and by the way have an early morning after run to keep loose.

I consider Dan a great friend and role model.

I have not been in contact with Dan since I moved to Northern California 5 years ago but this news is a real shock. I have looked at the Runners High web site but the data there is a couple of years old.


John Armour -

Several years ago, I had told Dan that if I ever beat him in a race, I would retire. A few weeks later, we entered the same 10k. Dan was recovering from a 30+ mile race and running at a virtual jog pace. I beat him by a little. Of course Dan approached me with that captivating smile that we all know and reminded me that it was time for me to retire.

It is rare to come across people who are constantly filled with joy…a teacher in many ways.


Jose Fuentes -

I was very, very fortunate to live few blocks away from Dan's house
as I moved in and started running in the Long Beach area in the mid 1980's.

Dan stopped me one morning and introduced himself and few days later
introduced me to Team Runner's High.

We ran together some few times a week until my departure from Long Beach in
I was always amazed for his strength as he would walk some 7 strong dogs
at Signal Hill at 4:30 in the morning, then he would drive to Cal State Long Beach and
would run back and forth to work, one more walk with his dogs in the afternoon and then a night workout.

He would walk his dogs before setting P.R.s at local races !

I used to ask him, how can you do it ?
He would always tell me, " Well, you are just a whimp..."

Dan was like my brother indeed, as well as my inspiration and will always be.
He was very giving and truly more than a friend.
He was there at the lowest times of my life with caring and wise advice.

As I moved up North, we cried together at the airport, as we left Long Beach,
despite the distance, we would talk just about every weekend and he always would
forward me the TRH newsletter.

I talked to him last time, two weeks ago when he ran with our friend Devin Corcoran
and he would describe every detail of his runs and would listen to my running stories as well.

With much pain I read the notice of his passing which I still do not believe...

Last Sunday, after a bad running week, I went to the hills around Boise where
I run a steep course in a best time of 01:06:00, last Sunday as I was feeling his company and remembering his words, I ran the course in 01:01:00.

I know he will be with us and will whisper some of his words of advice,
friendship, care and compassion as we continue running different roads in our lives.

His favorite line was " Running friends are the strongest and most authentic of all"


John T. & Sandye Clare -

We haven't been active in TRH for several years, but have fond memories of Dan. The news of his passing came as a huge shock. John's favorite memories of him are when they were on the Hood to Coast relay team together 2 different years. I always appreciated his encouraging words to me even though I was a race-walker instead of a runner. His whole face lit up when he smiled. The world was a better place because he was in it.


Jim Ashcraft -

Sorry, I won't be there on Sunday to celebrate Dan's life. Dan used to model for my portrait class on Saturdays. Everyone liked Dan. Always willing to help. May God have mercy on his soul. I will miss him.


Wendell Keith -

The tribute to Dan is well deserved and true. In the recent week runners have described Dan's qualities that I thought that perhaps only I sensed and experienced myself. I will surely miss Dan. And I like many will live a lifetime wishing that we can be remembered by our friends as Dan will be remembered.


David Goforth -

I had wanted to be at the track last night, but, I just could not get away from work and get up to Long Beach at a decent time....one of the downsides of living and working in South County. I would like to have been there to help with the grieving process.......running and being around other team members would have really helped in that regard.

I remember Dan as always upbeat, always smiling and never short of encouragement. I never once heard him brag about his own accomplishments, of which, as we all know, he had many. Rather..........he always was asking about others and how they were. The last time I saw him (Tuesday night last week) he asked me how I was feeling.......now I regret not having a longer conversation with him.


Jim Whitson -

It's difficult to put into words what Dan meant to many of us. Words just don't do it. And there are countless people whose lives have been blessed by Dan. Dan, Mike and I went on one of our mountain runs a few years back. (We got up at 4 AM, drove to Big Pine in the eastern Sierras, ran up to about 11,000 feet, and came home that evening.) While we were up there - no one within miles, no one even knows where we are - we come upon a couple of hikers. Dan stops and introduces us because, of course, they are friends of his. Everyone who met Dan was a friend.

Since we like to solve all of the worlds problems when we are out on long runs, we got to know many of Dan's views over the years. And even though Dan claimed to be agnostic, I would often refer to him as one of the finest Christians I knew. Dan was giving, caring, living every day on the principles that make this world a better place. It was a privilege to know Dan and an honor to call him "friend".


Leslie Caldera -

I too first met Dan up in the Whittier hills, and got to know him better once I moved south and joined the club.

I used to see him out on the bike path near Westminster Blvd. early in the morning. He would be running to work and I'd roll up behind him on my bike. I spooked him a couple of times before I started to announce my presence before I was upon him.

We all hope that running will extend our lives, but I think the wonderful way it makes each day special is the true reward.

As John Wooden says, "Make each day your masterpiece".

Running, biking or any other way I can push myself to my limit is a tremendous enhancement to my day.


Todd Fanady -

Old runners never die, they just find a trail with no end.

Dan Kelly was a good guy and a great trail runner, an inspiration.

Of 666 runners in the 2002 Catalina Marathon, Dan was this much better than me:
Fanady Todd 40 4:19:14.0 Marathon Men 40 to 44
Kelly Dan 54 3:43:56.0 Marathon Men 50 to 5

That's a lot! I vowed to break 4 hours the next year or buy him a Buffalo Milk, but I haven't run it since. Next year I'll do it!


Jim Kelley -

I’ve had some time to absorb Dan’s passing and thought about what to say. I met Dan almost 20 years ago. I feel a special kindred as we have the last name (mine with an extra “e” however). Dan and I were sworn bachelors for many years. Often if we’d meet a newcomer to the running club I’d introduce him as my brother, the older one. He’d respond by saying I was the younger, ugly one. In many ways he was like a brother to me. The following is just a few thoughts that come to mind:

One of the times I really enjoyed was the 196 mile Hood to Coast relay trips. One year we had put together two teams. Dan was the catalyst behind organizing many of the teams and the logistics year after year. We had a strong master’s team and a strong sub masters team this particular year. Sometime before the race we decided to make it interesting. Dan agreed to shave off his beard if our team caught his team. (They had an earlier head start). That turned out to be the focus of the race. We would call the other van and find out how close we were. We closed the gap a lot but couldn’t catch them. To see Dan do that would have been better than any award we got there. Of course now we had to endure his mischievous smile and him rubbing it in. And we enjoyed it.

Another good memory I have of Dan was when Amy and I paced Devin for 22 miles in a 100 mile race. Dan took my car and drove about eight miles ahead to the next aide station. He was taunting me and somehow talked me into pacing Devin for the next 15 miles. He was laughing telling me I’d never see my car again as he drove off. I knew better because he was pacing Devin over the last 25 miles. Amy and I were never so glad to see him as we arrived at Chantry Flats about 11:15 at night. We knew that with Dan Kelly pacing Devin that he was in good hands.

Whenever I showed up at a cross-country event or track meet Dan was always already there. The last time I saw him was helping out at the Millikan meet. I thought it was strange to watch the recent Moore League finals and not see him there.

I constantly got e-mails from Dan and it’s strange to see my inbox filled with letters from him now. While there are plenty of ahem…entertaining and humorous ones that have made me laugh, he was always supportive and encouraging. To that effect I thought I would share a couple of excerpts that are still in my inbox and remind me of the guy that I shared the last name with and many ways was like a brother.


(think you had a tough run?..listen to this one described to me by Dan-he’d call you guys that whine about Boston-wimps)

…..Devin and I have been building up the miles on Saturday and Sundays in the hills. We ran a 26 miler in the Angeles National Forest Saturday on a fun run. Took over 7 hours, but that was because of the canyon's creek we went down through was moving pretty fast and full. We had to do a lot of boulder hopping from one side of the creek to the other. I got so tired of crossing the rocks I just started wading through. It added an extra hour and half to the run. There was six of all together. Sunday we went for 2 hours in Whittier and it was who was going to say uncle first about stopping. All in all my legs actually feel good, but physically tired this evening so I took this evening off. Devin is doing Western States in June again and he wants me to pace him the last 38 miles. Want to help me part of the way? Good excuse of getting out of changing diapers.


(Some of my athletes that were not racing that day were in Whittier training..ran into car trouble and Dan of course, pitching in to help. Dan was like having an assistant coach)

Here is some good news or heart enlightment. I know Kyle was one of the boys in my van yesterday and I am not sure of the other two, but I heard one of the boys saying how much he improved over the year. He said when he first started running those switchbacks he had to walk, but today he ran both directions without walking. You did something right.

Lost kids story. I ran into Arturo this morning at Whittier this morning. He asked me if I saw the rest of the team which I had not. Apparently when he pulled off the freeway his car just crapped out. (Alot of crap in these letters) Wouldn't idle or anything. He had another kid's car so I followed him back to his car to see if I could figure anything out. He was getting plenty of fuel up to the fuel injectors, but I don't if the injectors are plugged or if it was something electronic. It almost sounded like he wasn't firing on all cylinders. His uncle is a mechanic. Anyway we messed with the car almost an hour before the other boys showed up. They should have finished when I did so I don't where there went. They said they did the switchbacks twice, back and forth. They still should have finished when I did. I drove three of the boys back to Wilson High. They would have never fit in that one car safely.


(Dan and I had a disussion about a race that he beat me in. I told him I never remembered such a race (while smiling)..then he sent me this e-mail…love his humor)

….The race, which race, ahh I remember it well. It was almost ten years ago when I was 47 at Los Alamitos 10K. I ran a 34:15 that day. It was one of those days where everything was perfect for me. I went through the 1st mile in 5:15 and shortly left Jose in my dust. We were in the curves just before Foster Road, the last long straight away. You asked me what drugs I was on. You have to ask Balco. (note: this is the company that supposedly supplied steroids to the Major league baseball players)


(some of those e-mails show now in addition to what a great guy he was but a little history as this one which he told about his first 10K)

….Another interesting thing happen as I was helping clear the course I saw an old friend there. He is the one that talked me into running my first 10K way back in 1983. I had just been running for years on my own and knew nothing about racing. Well it seems his oldest daughter whom I hadn't seen since she was about 7 years old is a frosh girl at Wilson now. Kelsie Meyers, do you know her? Robert, her father is really a great guy……

I could go on and I’m sure many of us will share some good memories on Sun. I encourage you to be there at Devin’s. I know my life was enriched by Dan.


Thom Lacie -

Dan Kelly inspired so many of us through his actions, friendship, and huge
heart and smile, as noted by the many stories we have read over the last two
weeks. I'm sure he will continue to affect many of us in the years to come.
Sunday's Trail run and Wake were a great tribute to an awesome person.

Dan asked me several times to join him and his trail running buddies for an
early Sunday morning mountain run. Regrettably I never accepted, missing out
on spending some quality time with Dan.

After hearing of Dan's passing, I, like many of us, felt a loss and I
wanted to experience one of his favorite pastimes, running in the Whittier
hills on an early Sunday morning. Normally on a Sunday morning I ease into
the day drinking my morning cup of jo, reading the paper and heading out
around 9 or 10 for an easy solo jog on the sand.

On this Sunday, with less than 4 hours of sleep and a much larger than
normal hangover, I drove down the street to my running buddy Joe's house. I
picked up Joe and our friend Pablo and drove to the Starbucks at the Town
Center Mall. At a little before 6 am, we met up with a large group of Dan's
trail buds and headed for the Whittier Hills to run on one of the Dog Man's
favorite trail runs.

Taking Bob's advice to carry water, he loaned me a water pack. He took a
group photo and we started up the road into the hills. Running at a
moderate pace that was compounded by the grade, my hangover, lack of
fitness, and advanced age it quickly became more and more difficult for me
to keep up. I knew any minute my pace would be reduced to hiking alone in
these beautiful hills. I was determined to finish the 7.2 mile loop running,
hiking and enjoying the trails, experiencing them as Dan must have over the

A funny thing happened as the group began to pull away. As we headed up the
switchbacks, I thought of Dan and how tough he was and could imagine him
saying "suck it up, be tough" and I decided to hang a little longer. Before
I knew it we were approaching the summit of the first hill and the welcome
switchbacks down the back side of the ridge. I thought somehow maybe I could
finish this monster of a run. Although only a little over 7 miles it
reminded me of the many Catalina Marathons I had run with my running buddies
years ago.

Returning up the back side I struggled to reach the summit once again, this
time with the encouragement of the faster guys (not unlike the way Dan would
encourage runners having a bad day). They had taken a ridiculously steep
uphill detour, and were now catching back up. With their help I got to the
top. Several guys were kind enough to keep me company on the way back down
to the finish. I realized a little bit of Dan was in those hills, and with
each person I had the opportunity to run and talk with. The camaraderie and
beauty and challenge of this run along with the memory of the few times I
was fortunate enough to have run with Dan will stay with me for a long time.
I will definitely return on future Sundays to experience Dan's trails with
his buddies. Sparked by this experience, maybe I will even train for the
Catalina Marathon again, something I couldn't find the inspiration to do for
the last 10 years.
Hopefully, every second Sunday in May we can get together for a memorial Dan
run. And maybe even a larger group will head for the hills and have an
awesome run.

Thanks Dan, Devin, Ron, Joe , Pablo, Bob, Mike M., Steve F., Paul, Nate,
Mike F., Chuck, Steve W., Ed, Jim, Annette, Leo and the others for an
unforgettable run, and reminding me what a great bond running with friends

Dan, I know you will continue to inspire us for years to come.
We will miss one of the truly good guys, but hopefully come to appreciate
those around us even more.

Thank-you Devin and Clare for hosting the incredible Wake. Thanks Amy for
the touching video presentation, and to everyone else involved.


Bob & Sandy Cranny -

My husband, Bob Cranny and I have known Dan over the years-great guy! Mike Fillipow told us about Dan's passing and sent on an email that originated from you regarding the Memorial for Dan. Bob and I would like to send a donation but are wondering who to make the check out to...Team Runners High? and where to send it? Please let me know when you can. We also just heard from Brad Alexander that it was a wonderfully done Memorial-wish we could have been there.


Jose Fuentes -

I was very disappointed not being able to attend
Dan's memorial last weekend due to family engagements.

The letter from my good friend Jim Kelley, brought back so many
memories of Dan his running style with his pony tail flipping left and
right as well as all of our friends at TRH.

The 1980's were the "Golden Years", when I met our dear Dan
Kelly and he introduced me to TRH and so many great friends.
In those days, most of us were in our 20's and were trying
to reach our potentials as runners.
May I please send my very best regards and fond memories to
so many friends and let them know that as well as our Dan Kelly,
they are always in my heart and my running courses:
Jim Kelley, Mike Morris, Ed Davis, Bob Kessler, Jim Whitson,
Brad Alexander, Sean Smith, Devin Corcoran, Joe Carlson, Mike and
Annette Barnett, Anita Johnson, Charlene, Dora, Gilbert Salazar, our dear
and late Bill Barnett, Pablo Drobny, Tom Lazie, Jeff Tribole, Ed Hornug,
Ruben Rodriguez, Yuki Mochida, Mark Kariya, Dan Arsenault, Paul Kaplan,
Jim Ashcraft, John Clare, David Allaun, Bob Rice, Josie Sepulveda
and many more other friends I cannot recall their names at this time.

Whenever I need to push the pace, I imagine I am Trying to catch
the pack of runners; Jim Kelley, Mike Morris, Jim Whitson, Bill Barnett,
Dan Kelly, Ed Davis,
Sean Smith and Bob Kessler, just like in the old days.

To All, Thank you so much for so many beautiful and wonderful "Fun Runs".

I have incorporated the "Daniel Kelly Award" plaque to my local race
"Run With The Animals 5000".
the race features a very fast 5k course and it takes place in the Fall in
Boise, Idaho.
The plaque and money prize will go to; ......... yes, the top master

Kindest regards,

Leslie Caldera -

In the eight years I knew Dan, I thought he was a good guy.

After the wake on Sunday, I'm starting to see what a really wonderful man he was.

I am sorry I did not get to know him better.

God rest his soul.


Greg Freze -

Though not a close friend of Dan's I am an admirer and casual acquaintance.
The first conversation we had that I remember was about 16-17 years ago in
Heartwell Park at the end of our street and there were many exchanges over
the years as I'd see him in the park as I was running or walking my dog.
Most of the times he was walking his dogs. Always with at least a friendly
wave, sometimes with a running tip, at first with 5 dogs and at the last
with an extremely old, blind and deaf German Sheperd that could only have
been alive because of good care. About half my runs take me past his house,
the appearance of which, with the broken down vehicles, and less than
pristine landscape manicuring belies the magnitude of his ability to help
others described in the Press Telgram obituary. I always hoped he'd be out
front so I could say "Hi" to him. A near fixture at all the local races.
His finishing times always awed me. I was always a little glad on those
rare occasions he wasn't there as it meant I could finish one place higher
in our age group. I will miss his friendly face and be sad every time I run
past his house.



Bob Rice –

Dan Kelly was surely the best of us. He has been gone one week but he is still helping and inspiring us. The turnout at the track last night was the highest this year. The motivation for the high turnout seemed to be a desire to be with other running friends and reminisce about Dan. There also was a realization that if Dan's life on earth could be ended so abruptly we are all vulnerable, so lets not put off the important things like running with friends.

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