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Dan Kelly - Catalina Marathon March 2002 - Dan's time 3:43:56 age 54
Sunday Morning 05/15/05 - Dan Kelly Memorial Trail Run (more pictures below)
Sunday Afternoon 5/15/05 - Dan Kelly Memorial/Wake - Devin and Clare Corcoran's home
Between 150 and 200 people attended the wake which was held in the very expansive backyard of the Corcoran's home. A number of people arrived early (before 1pm) to help with set up. The yard was set up with many large round tables and chairs decorated with Dan's old running shirts and other clothing items (even the legs of some of the chairs had Dan's Runners High socks on them). There were also 5 pop up tents for shade over many of the tables. The courtyard served as the food area and there were delicious offerings of many different kinds. Beverages were also in plentiful supply. Upon arriving there was a guest book table which included photo books, some of Dan's art work, as well as large framed photos of Dan.
At about 2pm the first eulogy was delivered by Clare Corcoran describing the true friend that Dan was to her, Devin and the children. Clare was followed by Dan's brother Tim who described Dan's life from early boyhood as a sickly boy with rheumatic fever, to a standout in sports as a teenager, to a brave and decorated Vietnam veteran, to a lost and confused returning veteran. Tim described how Dan turned his life around when he turned his passion to running. Claudia the Special Olympics leader described how dedicated Dan was to the Special Olympics program. Neighbors, long ago schoolmates and even one of Dan' college girlfriends all gave touching tributes to Dan. Paul Browne gave a particularly poignant and humorous talk about the essence of Dan as a "really sweet guy". Lorenzo Herrera told a moving story of how Dan helped and encouraged his running.
The common theme of all the eulogies was that Dan was forever looking for ways to be of help to people and animals.
Amy Fillipow produced an about 15 minute imovie which she showed to groups of 15 to 20 people on a continuous basis all afternoon following the eulogies. This imovie was beautifully done with appropriate accompanying music. Many a tear was shed during each showing of Amy's imovie.
This memorial was made possible by Devin and Clare's love and hospitality, Amy Fillipow's imovie and her part in getting the obituary published, Pam Rayburn's work in constructing the photo album, Leo Gutierrez who baked and decorated the cakes, many others who brought food items, the tents that were brought by David Goforth, Paul Browne and Steve Moreno, the large framed photos of Dan brought by Mark Kariya, all the people that helped with set up and clean up, the love and respect shown by all who attended, and the dozens and dozens of people who have donated money to the Team Runners High, Dan Kelly Fund. 
Thank  you to the many TRHers, Poly people, Millikan people, Special Olympics people and others who have contributed to the TRH Dan Kelly Fund. We still are encouraging and accepting contributions to the fund for the purpose of, on an ongoing basis supporting, in Dan Kelly's name, deserving Long Beach high school cross-country and Special Olympics, programs and athletes.
Any amount large or small will be appreciated. We believe that all donations to this fund are tax deductible and we will acknowledge all donations in writing at a later date. We will also give donors periodic  reports by e-mail as to how the money is spent (if you are not a TRH member and would like to receive periodic reports on the Dan Kelly Fund please send us your e-mail address).
Make checks payable to Team Runners High (Dan Kelly Fund) and send to:
Team Runners High
5855 Naples Plaza, Suite 300
Long Beach, CA  90803
Leave contributions at either Runners High Store

Pictures from Dan's memorial Run 5/15/2005

Dan's Memorial Run 5/15/2005

Tree Planting 11/20/2005


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