Running Schedule - Long Beach  

Tuesdays   6:30p.m. (warmed up and ready to go) Paul Brown, Leader
All year around (except the last three weeks in December)
Millikan High School Track (Palo Verde & 1 block south of Spring)
Interval workouts 3 to 4 miles

Thursdays - 6:15p.m. - Paul Browne, Leader
January thru May and September thru early December
elmont Shore Runners High store - 5338 E. 2nd Street
Road runs 2 to 8 miles
June Thru August
Signal Hill road runs (Hill St. 1/2 block west of Redondo St.)
Hill workouts 3 to 5 miles

Sundays 8:00a.m. Nina Law, Leader  
All year around
El Dorado Park Studebaker Road, just south of Spring St. at the tennis courts
Road runs 2 to 6.2 miles

Sundays 7:00a.m. Paul Brown, Leader
All year around
Bolsa Chica Wetlands
PCH and Warner, SE corner
Trail Runs 2 to 8 miles


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